The CRS from the month of October has changed the company's headquarter. Here are the new contact details.

C.R.S. srl
Via Metugo, 160
Fraz. Montevecchio
61045 Pergola (PU)
Phone: 0721-201223
Mobile: 335-6395935

New G1!

Motore P1
Even better performing
and more efficient...
The company CRS is proud to present the G1 engine, a new arrival!! An innovative and technologically more advanced engine. It has been developed after much deliberation, consideration and testing carried out together with our pilots.
The experience and passion of Gilberto Frattesi, technician and owner of the company, did the rest!
Technical specifications:
  • One cylinder, water cooled
  • Bore Ø 54
  • Stroke 54,4
  • 5 dry-disk clutch
  • 6 gears
  • Dell’Orto VHSH30 Carburetor

C.R.S. s.r.l. • Via Metugo, 160 • Fraz. Montevecchio • 61045 Pergola (PU)
VAT e Tax Code 01385150410
Tel. 0721/201223 • Mobile 335/6395935 • E-mail:
Tribunale di Pesaro n. 91404/1997 • Registro Ditte n. 136743
Data iscrizione 06/02/1977 • Capitale Sociale 26.000,00 €
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