The new G1 engine will be analised by the person who invented it, Gilberto Frattesi, he will explain the reasons for all his choices and the solutions adopted.

"The desire to develop a new engine arose following a number of thought processes, trial test runs on the work bench and considerations made together with our best pilots. The distinguishing characteristics of the new engine can be summarized in the following points:

1) Ø 54 bore. This choice does not mean a return to the past, but the completion of our range of products considering that the S88 engine homologation expires at the end of 2009. The information at our disposal, disclosed even with P1, has allowed us to guarantee a new and exciting experience thanks to an engine equipped with excellent thrust at low and high speeds and a wonderful sprint.
2) Completely innovated cooling system! The water does not cross the shield around the engine driving shaft, but enters at the cylinder base and comes out, after a compulsory path, from the head. The way it has been built is innovative and this solution allows for a maximum thermal exchange. Heads in aluminium or bronze can be used or other materials that are still being tested. Between the gear and pump shield an air path has been created; this enters from the front, passes between the two blocks and exits from the top under the cylinder preventing the heat to be dispersed between them. In this way the pump shield and the fuel system are kept cooler and the advantages can be appreciated particularly when it is very hot outside.
3) New gear and primary ratio for greater starting acceleration.
4) New concept gear selector. Movement of the same in the central part of the engine allows eliminating all assembly problems on different brands of chassis.
Gear insertion is faster and smoother. Lever stroke is shorter.
5) The clutch has a spring drive.

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